Sunday, September 6, 2009

3pk. Pillar Gift Sets

Our New Line of 3pk Pillar Gift Sets are being released today. Yes, we have yet to launch and we are releasing our Pillar Gift Set Line.

How does that work you may ask?  Well, I accidentally got a few steps ahead of myself. Overcome with mere excitement about A Home Trend, I started advertising prematurely.  I was surfing around a few good sites and thought, heck while I am here why not go ahead and place my ad. So I did.  LOL.

So to boost of the new ads I put out I decided to release our new line of 3pk Pillar Gift Sets. Available in Aromatherapy, Berry, Fruit, Floral, Citrus, Bakery 1, Bakery 2 and Holiday Scents.

Don't miss out while they are available and in large demand so they are going to go quickly.

Get Your 3pk Pillar Gift Sets Today

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